Why Choose Sigma Chi?

The fundamental purpose of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is to cultivate an appreciation of and commitment to the ideals of friendship, justice and learning. These ideals and objectives have been at the heart of Sigma Chi since its founding by seven men at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, on June 28,1855.rushSC.png

These seven men believed that the principles they professed were imperfectly realized in other fraternal organizations. Although this vision of Sigma Chi was based upon the notion of shared ideals, they believed that true brotherhood would thrive best among men of
different temperaments, talents and convictions.
Our guiding principles, unchanged for over 150 years, continue to define the essence of Sigma Chi.

What We Stand For

Human Dignity
A Sigma Chi believes in the inherent value of all individuals and he treats others with respect and dignity. Sigma Chi’s do not practice, nor do they condone the practice of any insensitive or abusive behavior towards any individual or group.

Service to Others
A Sigma Chi acknowledges and accepts personal responsibilities to his family and to the communities in which he lives and participates and to those who are less fortunate. A Sigma Chi voluntarily contributes his time, talents and resources to help build a better society.

Responsible Personal Conduct
A Sigma Chi acknowledges and accepts responsibility for himself and his actions. A Sigma Chi conducts himself as a high minded man and a gentleman. He exhibits desirable character qualities including integrity, sound judgement and loyalty. He demonstrates courteous behavior toward others which reflects positively on himself and Sigma Chi. A Sigma Chi rejects behavior which is injurious to himself or others.

Sound Relationships with Collegiate Institutions
Our relationships with educational institutions are based on a mutuality of respect and interest. Sigma Chi’s purpose aligns well with the educational mission of colleges and universities. Members of Sigma Chi are positive contributors to the campus community and they actively support joint educational objectives with colleges and universities.