Recruitment FAQs


Q: What is Recruitment?

A: Fraternity Recruitment is a time for undergraduates to evaluate the fraternities at their university. It’s an exciting and enjoyable Greek Tradition – you meet people, make friends, and generally have fun. While you’re having fun, take a moment to consider the ideals, personalities, and actions of the brothers of the fraternities you’re rushing. Find the one that most closely fits your own philosophy and style. Perhaps, Sigma Chi will be that Fraternity. Here at Valparaiso University, alcohol is forbidden from all recruitment activities. This means that there will be no alcohol present at rush events by any fraternity. Some fraternities chose to disregard this rule, and use alcohol to aide in their recruitment efforts. Some even depend on alcohol to gain new members. We at Sigma Chi, in the interest of our chapter and the future of our fraternity, chose to follow this rule and will not use alcohol to recruit future brothers.
Q: What are “Bids”?
A: A bid is an invitation to join a fraternity, and every fraternity uses different criteria and methods to issue bids to prospective members. Generally, the rule is this: If the brothers of a fraternity see characteristics in you that suggest you’d make a good brother and fit well within their chapter, they’ll extend an invitation to join their fraternity, a “Bid.” Once you receive a bid, you are not obligated to join. You can visit as many fraternities as you like, and even if every single fraternity gives you a bid to join, you don’t have to. Do what you feel, because hey, it’s your choice. Once you decide to accept a bid, you are then obligated to pledge that fraternity, and will be enrolled in the pledge/new member program.
Q: Will I be hazed?
A: Just as we don’t depend on alcohol to recruit new members, we don’t depend on hazing to form a true and strong brotherhood either. We believe that joining a fraternity should make one’s college experience memorable – not miserable. Unlike many fraternities, we believe in the inherent value of all individuals and subsequently, we treat others with respect and dignity. Pledging, we feel, should be a process of learning, inspiration, and achievement – not one of hazing, degradation, or humiliation. After all, why would friends, let alone future brothers, treat you in such a way? Hazing is nothing but contradictory to the goals of pledgeship and your life-long experience in Sigma Chi.
Q: Grades come first for me, will I have time to join a fraternity?
A: The simple answer is yes. Talking to many of our active brothers, you’ll find that we all had the same concerns coming into college. Sigma Chi is not here to take over your life, it is here to support you and offer a network of over 30 brothers at Valparaiso Univeristy as well as 220,000 living brothers internationally to help you achieve your goals. Our leadership development program is designed to ensure that you will thrive scholastically during your pledgeship, requiring weekly study hours as well as connecting you to brothers who have most likely taken your classes before! Many brothers experienced their best GPA of their college career during pledgeship and have also had constantly increasing GPAs since joining Sigma Chi. So how much time is required? As a Sigma Chi pledge, meetings are usually only twice a week, at a time most convenient to all pledges. Again, we’re here to ensure that your entire college career is a success in every possible way. Grades come first and this is reflected in all aspects of our Fraternity.