Our Fraternity

More than 100 years ago, an anonymous Sigma Chi defined Fraternity as ‘an obligation, a necessity, an introduction, a requirement, a passport, a lesson, an influence, an opportunity, an investment, a peacemaker and a pleasure.’

The purpose of the fraternity is to cultivate and maintain the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning upon which Sigma Chi was founded

MikeDitka“What you do in life by yourself doesn’t mean as much as what youaccomplish with a group of people. Sigma Chi was one of the greatest things that happened to me. I really appreciate what it has done for me in my lifetime, and I hope I can continue to give something back.”

-Mike Ditka, former Head Coach of the Chicago Bears, 1986 Super Bowl Champions and sportscaster.

WilliamDeVries“Sigma Chi, more than anything else, got me involved
with the people who knew how to study, and they helped me. I learned from them. The Norman Shield is still quite applicable now.”

-Dr. William DeVries, the Louisville, Kentucky surgeon who performed the first four implants of the permanent artificial heart.

MerlinOlsen“Sigma Chi was a learning experience for me in
personal growth, in finding out more about myself, in shaping my life more effectively, and in directing my energies more efficiently. All of those things were heavily influenced by my Sigma Chi experience. There is no question that that has had a tremendous impact on my career, professionally and on my life.”

-Merlin Olsen, TV actor and sportscaster, and former All-Pro football star.

CharlesGates“I am proud to be a Sigma Chi. I have found over the years, in every Sig and Sweetheart I have met, one thread that runs through all of us, that God put us on earth to make the world a little better, and to have some fun in the process.”

-Charles C. Gates, Jr., Board Chairman, Gates Rubber Co. and Gates Learjet Corporation.

WillardMarriott“The key to our business is people skills. Sigma Chi helps you learn better
people relationships, to get along with others, and also teaches the importance of honesty and integrity.”

-J. Willard Marriott, Jr., President of the Marriott Corporation, the second largest food and lodging firm in the U.S.

DavidLetterman“When I became a Sigma Chi it was great, because they were the people I enjoyed being with and I was very proud of the association It was kind of an instant confidence builder for me—that what I considered the best fraternity on campus had actually wanted me. And I had always been very shy and without a lot of confidence. So it was a really good social experience and for me it was also a social maturation. It was a great benefit.”

-David Letterman, host of Late Night with David Letterman

JimPalmer.jpg“You have to be honest, have integrity, be able to cooperate and get along with other people. Sigma Chi is a great place to learn that and that’s why it’s a great thing to join this fraternity.”

-Jim Palmer, ABC-TV sportscaster; previously American League’s best pitcher for three years and voted into the Hall of Fame.

TomSelleck.jpg“I made some very lasting friendships out of my association in college. There is always a bond with the fellows you were there with. The friendships I made in college with Sigs. . .are a very valuable thing for me in my line of work because nowadays half the people who want to meet me have some kind of business angle, so I value my old friends quite a bit. The fraternity has meant an awful lot to me. . . .I remember the week we went through Initiation. The Ritual was very, very meaningful to me. It was a very difficult period, needless to say, but I must say in retrospect, [that] it’s held its value and its meaning and the historical perspective that it gives you. I think the Ritual and the fraternity mystics, and just the sense of history that goes back with Sigma Chi are things that help make those bonds so strong.”

-Tom Selleck, former star of Magnum, P.I.