Our Chapter

A Brief History
of the Iota Sigma Chapter at Valparaiso University
SigmaChi MagazineOur early roots lie within a fraternal organization known as Delta Theta Phi. During a time when Valparaiso University offered a six year law program, in which the final two undergraduate years doubled as the first two years of the law program, DTP prospered in mediocrity, continuing in the tradition of fraternal life at Valparaiso University. With the abolishment of the six-year program, Delta Theta Phi became a professional fraternity at law schools with no program for undergraduates. At Valparaiso, the fraternity found itself on the verge of collapse.
Amidst the chaos of a collapsing fraternity, Troy Swanson and Ash Narayanan began to explore and introduced Sigma Chi to the remaining members of DTP. With this, Daniel Peterson and a few others formed Sigma Chi Sigma and began the petitioning process to become part of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity.
After daily calls from Frank Schmer, Dick Hester, then the Grand Praetor of the Province for Sigma Chi, finally paid the men at Valparasio University a visit in the spring of 1987. After years of hard work, Iota Sigma’s charter was granted on March 31st, 1990 and 71 men were initiated into the fraternity.
More about the first 10 years of the Iota Sigma Chapter’s history can be found in the The Spirit of Youth.
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